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94 Answers94 Answers is a game developed by the french company Scimob. It is called 94 percent because you have to find all the answers of the game which, if added, result into 94 percent as opposed to 100%. It is an interesting logic-trivia based game where for every single level of the game you are given 2 text questions (from different niches) and 1 picture and what you have to do is simply guess the correct answers.
For example: Deficiency of carbon dioxide in tissues and blood



    Are there hints in the game?

    You can earn game coins for every single level passed and with those coins you can purchase hints. A hint can reveal a specific character or letter that you have difficulties to solve.

    94 Answers

    The only reason why this site was launched was to provide at absolutely no costs all the 94 Answers,Cheats and Solutions. We totally believe that everyone is entitled to choose whether to pay for coins or not and since we’ve already solved all the game we would like to provide the game solutions below for free. There are no hidden costs at all, we promise! 🙂
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    How to Download the Game?

    The game is available for all the platforms including Apple‘s iOS, Google‘s Play Store and also the Amazon Market. To download the game if you haven’t done so you are pleased to use the appropriate buttons below. In case you are looking for other app quiz answers and solutions then visit our sponsors!

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